Value For Talent - Industry Areas

Expertise – Industry Areas

Cross-disciplinary Expertise,
process and flexibility,
are what make us different.

All of our company’s partners have deep understanding of one or more industries.

By combining our range of experience and skills, we can offer specialised advice in the following areas of business:

Agri-food, Beverage, Horeca and Retail.

Durable Goods, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Hospitality & Leisure, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Apparel, Luxury goods, Sports.

Utilities, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy.

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Consumer Health, Healthcare Services & Informatics.

Asset Management, Real Estate Development, Facility Management.

Management of portfolio companies – Internal Investment Team.

Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction and Building Materials, Electronics, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Metals and Mining, Paper and Packaging, Transport and Logistics.

Telecoms, Digital and Software business, Systems and Services, Semiconductors.

Asset Management, Consumer Financial Services, Banks, Insurance, Private Wealth Management.

Management and Strategic Consulting, Legal, Audit and Professional Services.