Value For Talent - Special Projects

Special Projects

Value For Talent - CEO & Executive Market Mapping

CEO Market Mapping

In our Executive Market Mapping processes the roles typically analyzed are:
  • CEO
  • General Manager
Using our staff of consultants and our Research team, we identify and contact potential candidates confidentially and carry out an in depth evaluation.
  • Professional track record
  • Education and training
  • Main projects managed
  • Indications of interest in a possible change and relevant expectations
  • Preliminary references are taken confidentially
This process is a valuable tool for getting to know the main players in the relevant business and for generating ideas regarding further selection or for the creation of succession pipelines.
Value For Talent - Osservatorio Private Equity

Private Equity Observatory

Over the years we have interviewed and referenced the best C-Level managers, investigated their skills, mindsets and backgrounds, determining which managers could perform best in Private Equity contexts alongside both institutional investors and a family business.
A distinctive feature that we have consistently found in this candidate pool is the ability to work on a project basis, leading growth and / or turnaround processes while keeping a tight focus on results and time constraints (exit strategy is usually from 3 to 5 years). Another key element is an enterprising mindset, which in many cases also means a willingness to participate personally in the investment.
Value For Talent - Food & Beverage

Focus Food & Beverage

In the last ten years we have done substantial work on talent acquisition, management support and internationalization projects, by successfully identifying profiles in all the main functional areas, be it for Corporate HQ or specific technical roles. We have managed search and selection projects in the entire agri-food and beverage chain, from production to distribution.
We support companies that wish to grow in international markets, from building Export Sales Departments to identifying Export Area Managers.
Our placements in the Food & Beverage industry are mostly in the following functions:
  • Top Management (Board, CEO & General Manager)
  • Sales & Marketing (both Italy and Export)
  • Finance & Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Quality, R&D, ICT
Value For Talent - Osservatorio Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Observatory

Every day, we talk to exceptionally talented female candidates, with whom we build lasting relationships.
Our Women in Leadership Observatory aims at meeting and bringing together managers from different industries to share experiences and best practices on women’s leadership and diversity in the workplace. The development of a corporate culture that is truly inclusive and focus on organizational policies that eliminate all forms of discrimination is a fundamental goal of our Head Hunting work.