Value For Talent - Method and Processes

Expertise – Method and Processes

Cross-disciplinary Expertise,
process and flexibility,
are what make us different.

Value for Talent only uses direct search, a method that is internationally recognised and used exclusively by companies specialising in Executive Search.

A direct search for a potential manager is carried out through a rigorous, transparent and organised process in the following stages:

Analysis of the corporate context

We work in partnership with the client to establish a full understanding of the position and corporate context.

Job Description

Drawn up by Value for Talent and approved by the client, this document is the first step to setting out the search strategy. Based on an analysis of the corporate context, the job description defines strategic and operational aspects, geographical location, managerial objectives and critical competencies of the desired candidate.


Target List

Value for Talent analyses the market, the client’s competitors and key players from similar sectors to identify the best candidates for the role. At this stage, companies that are off limits for the client are established.


Long List

Two to three weeks after the launch of the process, we present the client with a list of qualified managers who have been selected, interviewed by telephone and who have expressed an interest in the role. Together with the client, individuals are selected to be invited for a more in-depth interview.

Individual interviews

Value for Talent meets all the individuals selected during the progress report meeting. We carefully assess their motivation, professional background, mindset and their match with the key requirements of the role. As these are managerial positions, particular attention is paid to the candidates’ leadership skills.

Presentation of the short list

A limited selection of qualified candidates is presented by Value for Talent to the client, each accompanied and supported by the results of our assessment.


We collect detailed references for the shortlisted candidates. This gives the client an in-depth and comprehensive context of each professional and validates each candidate’s suitability for the role.

Finding the best candidate is not the end of Value for Talent’s job.

We continue to work with the client in two essential areas to guarantee the successful outcome of the process and the best possible start to the relationship between the new recruit and the company:

Negotiating the job offer

In this important stage we help our clients come to the best agreement with the candidate, focusing on issues such as compensation, benefits, career development and training.

Placement follow-up

Value for Talent facilitates the integration of the chosen candidate into the business. We speed up the transition period by organising a series of meetings between the new manager and his or her future interlocutors in the company, to identify any ambiguity regarding expectations and help to reach a solution.

Value for Talent has adopted Zoho Recruit software and BaronsAI, global database based on Artificial Intelligence to guarantee accurate management of their Executive Search process and complete traceability of their activities