Value For Talent - Our Services

We offer four service areas, each of which can be tailored to the needs of each client.

Executive Search

We specialize in search and selection of managers and board members using direct search: an internationally recognized method which guarantees objective and reliable results. All candidates are identified, their references are taken and their profiles are presented to the client, and each selected candidate closely matches the job description set out together with the client.

Our work is based on a structured and perfected process, built on the methods of the great Executive Search academies. Our lean and flexible organization allows us to accelerate delivery. Our clients also appreciate the benefits of an sophisticated proprietary database and an extensive professional network in the market.

Leadership Development Assessment

The constantly evolving market is currently forcing many companies to restructure. This requires a precise analysis of existing managerial talents and identification of key managers (in or outside the company) who can help the organisation overcome a crisis. Our clients are companies who are experiencing change, privatisation, M&A or who need to deal with to new competitive challenges in increasingly difficult markets.

This service includes an assessment of the main managers (from supervisors to executives) either in a single department or in the whole organisation. Value for Talent uses a set of interactable assessment tools that can be applied to individual and group evaluations. The results of the Assessment will help the client decide whether to search for new staff, look for new organizational solutions or launch training programs.

Our assessments aim to provide an extensive and detailed evaluation of company profiles, and in addition to managerial skills, our methods also distinguish Emotional Intelligence. Our founding partners have SEI Assessment certification, the set of tools for development of emotional intelligence developed by Six Seconds, the leading international network in this field.

Furthermore, through our membership of IMSA Search Global Partners, we can administer Hogan Assessment tools globally.

Executive Market Mapping

We help our clients understand their competition through their competitors’ managers. This service includes the definition of a list of target companies in which one or more managerial roles are analysed. We evaluate career paths, responsibilities and compensation packages. Any contact with these figures is anonymous and confidential.

Succession and HR advice for Family Businesses

Family businesses often have to deal with delicate transitions, such as handovers from one generation to the next or the replacement of a manager. Research shows that, even in the recent economic crisis, Italian family businesses have contributed significantly and consistently to the growth of employment.

Our service helps business owners manage change and its inherent complexity, offering advice on how to deal with major issues involved in managing human resources and generational handovers.